Tuesday, October 10

What is Ambivert?

You have a good deal of attitude, but it's just for fun. You love being a little fresh. You are funky and creative, but you're not too offbeat. Like frosting, people find you delightful and relatable. You are open to new experiences and don't like to judge without trying. You often defy expectations and labels. You can be a social butterfly, but you need your downtime to recharge. You are an introvert (or at least ambivert) at heart.

Saturday, September 16

12th "Aniversery"

This year we celebrated our anniversary simply at home. Had quite and nice dinner and a few drinks for Mcj. 

The highlight of the day is the last minute card that the Tatapilla made for us. It made the day much sweeter. 

Thursday, September 14

Windy Day in Brissy

Today, the weather will make somebody with Asthma or hay fever sniffling all day, I reckon. With of up to 30 km/h wind on a spring day, pollen are aplenty. There is a 24 hour fire ban due to dry weather. Our office building is on one of the highest area, walking on the corridor will get you blown away. My desk is next to the window/wall and I can hear the wind howling. At least, it's not winter anymore.

Wednesday, May 3

Clutter-free... Almost

I have reclaimed my office at home since the Tatapilla has moved his stuff to his own room. This freed-up a lot of space in our common area as I have moved some of the stuff to the office, some to the bedroom and some I have chucked or given away. Plus, the racing track that the Tatapilla has, has been packed up as it was more of a nuisance than an entertainment.

 You would think that I will use the space for say a p90 pickup or something useful? No, the space now has the ironing board, Christmas decorations and luggage. I know, I know. Soon, I’ll find the time and motivation to put these things where they’re supposed to. In the meantime, nothing much is in my way. Less clutter, clutter-free mind. Almost.

Saturday, March 19

Playing Chess

With the recent changes in our household, we have been playing chess at the house.  Well, it's really a term from my MIL where we re-arrange furniture and fixture around the house.  

One of our rooms have been freed recently when my father-in-law moved to a home when his health has really declined.  We have no guest room so yes, the sensible thing would be to turn it into one.  But I am not really sensible.  Lol.  I didn't get rid of the bed so we still have a guest bed but I moved the Tatapilla there and turned his old bedroom to my office and craft room.  Oh and to store some of my shoes too.  Nothing major like novation launchpad s

The moving and re-arranging has been going on for more than a month now and it's still going.  Too much of things to move and sort, what can I tell you.  But I have the coming holidays to get it all finished, fingers crossed.



Since we came back from our five-week overseas trip, I have not had any day off from work.  I'm sure you understand why.  I am out of annual leave.  My five-week stunt really exhausted my annual leave.  

Yet, we have accrued points with our timeshare club and they have to booked if not used before this month is over.  And so we did.  

So it's all booked now, towards the warm season of this year and summer of next year.  All holidays need to be in-synched with school holidays.  I don't really want to take the Tatapilla out of school.  

Now, to plan the activities and what to pack.  And we are going fishing, yay!


Monday, February 1

First Day of the Month

A pinch and punch for the first day of the month.  Another month in the new year.  Sound cliché but time really flies.
There are so many things to be thankful for last month, so here’s a few:

Time to try and cook new recipes.
 For being a conscious shopper.
Sticking to budget (so no guitar pro for me).
Time to sort and organise the Tatapilla’s clothes, toiletries cupboard, linen cupboard and pantry.
The Tatapilla in year 3, a smooth-sailing first day of school.
The Tatapilla liking the tuna sandwich, one of the new recipes I tried.
 A Friend’s visit and going to new places.
New books to read for me and the Tatapilla.
Getting over flu and cold that I got from the Philippines.
New year, of course.
Good health for the people I love.